82313 (For Islan)
Day 10
September 30th — 2018

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The artist will carry cinder blocks through the space to build large structures throughout. Each Build day is dedicated to a black woman/trans woman who lost their life and voice to a senseless act of violence and policing. This Build Day is dedicated to Islan Nettles.

Day 10 Recap

A Process.

My actions have been repetitive. So repetitive that I sometimes forget why I’m in the space - why I’m doing the work. I relate this feeling to our everyday lives. We sometimes fight and fight and fight for something to only become complacent in the fight and forget that we were fighting for an actual outcome. 

I guess what I’m trying to ask is this:

What makes you go? And why do you do it? If you started for some reason, keep that feeling so you continue for that very same reason.

We all have fight within us. We all have a drive that won’t let go. We all have a process. We just have to continue to give that process purpose so our lives are then filled with purpose. 

Thank you Islan for your strength. You will always be remembered as a queen and I’ll continue to do this work to honor you and so many other women who no longer have a voice. 

With love.

Text by Le’Andra LeSeur
Documentation and Images by Joshua Solas