Wild Flower
Day 13
October 3rd — 2018

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The statement, “Give people flowers while they are still alive” has hit home recently. The question I continue to ask myself is how I’m honoring the people I love, the people around me, and even myself on a daily basis?

Day 13 Recap


I’ve been present in the space everyday since 9/21/18. But on my final day, I had to honor that presence. 

What does it mean to honor ourselves? To honor our existence? Do we even know how powerful that existence is? 

My final performance was something I will cherish forever. I felt like a queen. I felt valid. I felt honored. But ultimately, I felt loved. Loved by my own intentions and loved by everyone who entered the room. 

I am so thankful for this love - this connection. But I’m also thankful to myself for fighting for that love as a way to find peace of mind. 

Le’ - you are worthy of everything in life. Worthy of love, respect, and honor. You are beautiful. You are valid and you are alive here in this moment. As you get older and look back on this, remember that. Remember this moment. Remember that you matter. Remember how powerful your existence is. 


Text by Le’Andra LeSeur
Documentation and Images by Joshua Solas.