I gotta find peace of mind
Day 3
September 23rd — 2018

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Day 3 Recap

Went searching for peace of mind yesterday. Lauryn Hill played continuously in the background. And for 6 hours I wrote over and over again these words that are so very dear to me - Black Women Matter. Hill’s tears at the end of her famous unplugged performance shows me the beauty in vulnerability - in asking for care, for peace of mind. I think about my mother, my aunts, my cousins. Women who cared for me when I didnt even know what that meant. Women who fought for their own peace of mind only to use that peace to share the beauty of life with me.

We sometimes live our lives in search of validation from people who could care less about our livelihood. We have to continuously re-affirm our own existence. I matter. You mater. We all matter. And the idea of us existing is beyond radical because it shows how we thrive, no matter the circumstance.

There is power in existing. In affirming your existence constantly. You are not selfish. You are free. Find peace of mind in knowing that your existence matters no matter what or who pushes against that idea.

Above: Lauryn Hill -  Peace of Mind (MTV Unplugged) (Daily Motion
Text by Le’Andra LeSeur 
Documentation and Images by Joshua Solas