32112 (For Rekia)
Day 4
September 24th — 2018

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The artist will carry cinder blocks through the space to build large structures throughout. Each Build day is dedicated to a black woman/trans woman who lost their life and voice to a senseless act of violence and policing. This Build Day is dedicated to Rekia Boyd.


Day 4 Recap

Carrying the weight, silently.

This action - carrying cinder block after cinder block from one place to another - has forced me to think about how we mask pain. As I silently move through the space, sometimes unnoticed, I reflect on my existence. How we exist with pain, yet how we sometimes in life are not paid attention to.

I think about the many women who carry pain with them. From past experiences, from the things they carry with them from birth based on their identity, from everyday encounters that degrade their very existence. 

I also think about the nation’s response to women’s stories on sexual assualt and the push to continue to leave them unvalidated. 

It’s so much weight. So much pain. 

Yet we keep going. We keep fighting. We keep working to build each other up. 

I’m just here to say that while I can never change everyone, I can fight (in my own way) to make some small difference. If there is someone listening, please remember to care for women.

With love.

Text by Le’Andra LeSeur
Documentation and Images by Neil Blake at MLive.com