8116 (For Korryn)
Day 8
September 28th — 2018

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The artist will carry cinder blocks through the space to build large structures throughout. Each Build day is dedicated to a black woman/trans woman who lost their life and voice to a senseless act of violence and policing. This Build Day is dedicated to Korryn Gaines.


Day 8 Recap

Take Care of the Strong.

I felt stronger today. I carried 42 blocks today. I felt energized once I was done. All of these things are great but that doesn’t mean that I’m okay.

Black women are born with strength. It’s something we have to find within ourselves in order to keep going. But I still do want people to see that I am not as strong as people may perceive. I am okay with that vulnerability. I am okay in crying. I am okay with not being okay all of the time. 

There is power in being you - the real you. When you are broken down, it is okay to let someone know. It does not take away from who you are. It actually adds to it. You are human. You deserve to be cared for. 

With love.

Text by Le’Andra LeSeur
Documentation and Images by Joshua Solas