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Girls Girls Girls
Assembly Room NYC
Curated by Natasha Becker
Oct 27th – Dec 1st 2019

Photos courtesy of Assembly Room NYC.

Girls Girls Girls challenges the desire surrounding black women and their bodies, which has long been sexually overt and at most times degrading, by honoring the black female body as a radiating vessel for love, care, and compassion.

How do black women show vulnerability, asks LeSeur, how can they be honored and respected for those vulnerabilities? Do black women have to exist beyond their bodies in order to be respected, heard, and seen? “The continuous question of how we honor not only the lives of black women, but the stories these women tell,” says the artist, “is something I hold dear to my ongoing practice.”

This exhibition brings together colored light, ink on paper, textiles, video, and performance to dissect the overwhelming pressures placed on the black body.

As the viewer enters the space, the desire to view LeSeur’s subjects should be likened to that same desire for a connection to something greater than ourselves - something worthy of our undivided attention, honor, and respect. “My hope,” she says, “is that this project reframes how we perceive black women and offers viewers a way to connect to black women through respect and love.”

Video Works

Am I God?
1m 57s
Single channel video

55m  20s
Single channel video
View excerpt here.

Installation Views