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                brown, carmine, and blue.

brown, carmine, and blue is a love letter to myself.

A reflection of the artist's undying quest to break down power constructs that have continuously ostracized the very things that she identifies with: blackness, queerness, and femininity. The artist is concerned with the spectacle that has ensued as a reaction to black joy and black trauma, simultaneously, and how this has further created generalizations of what blackness truly is.

Through performance, video, and installation, the artists further dissects themes surrounding displacement, racially induced trauma, and the toll these things take on one’s mental capacity. 

“How are we able to let go? How can we let go of the pain, the weight, and the anger that is caused by trauma?”

brown, carmine, and blue. is a direct answer to those very questions that have continuously been brought up in conversation surrounding black identity.