Through visual media, installation, and performance, LeSeur will re-imagine physical and digital articles to make sense of current ideologies and the ways in which these ideologies frame marginalized identities within the media.

brown, carmine, and blue is a reflection of the artist's undying quest to break down power constructs that have continuously ostracized the very things that she identifies with: blackness, queerness, and femininity. The artist is concerned with the spectacle that has ensued as a reaction to black joy and black trauma, simultaneously, and how this has further created generalizations of what blackness truly is.

Through engaging social commentary, her hope is to reclaim and dismantle stereotypes surrounding black identity through the reworking of conventional art forms and mundane objects - ultimately reshaping the context of spaces where the lives of oppressed people are silenced and celebrated in the same breath.

Day 1
For Colin, Dana Greene, and the liberation of Black and Brown Bodies

Day 2

51610 (For Aiyana)

Day 3
I gotta find peace of mind

Day 4
32112 (For Rekia)

Day 5
61412 (For Shantel)

Day 6
71315 (For Sandra)